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Haile High Student/Teacher Faculty Poses at the Cottontree Home of Their School

A winter of construction

The Rainbow Room gets an Ivan-induced Renovation

The original Rainbow Room under construction, as seen in the Autumn 2003 issue of Haile High Times

Director of Curriculum, Miss Cleo's office gets a redo. There was some water damage during Ivan's visit, so Kali secured the site.
A view of our kitchen sink and the water filtration system that guarantees the very cleanest water possible for drinking and cooking at Haile High.

Another view of the kitchen showing all the utensils for the next gathering at the Cottontree.

New Computer Stations

These new computer stations were added to the Menelik Lab across from the existing ones. With the loss of the two corner stations it is only a net gain of one, but the increase of space and ease of supervision makes the change seem much greater.

New York Police Department pays a visit to Haile High.

Andrew Quinn (center), a trainer of seeing-eye dogs for the blind, and for the handicapped, paid a visit. His insights were of great interest to our students who eagerly digest any information regarding aid to the handicapped.

Mr Quinn has been working with dogs for over 40 years and finds it a very rewarding occupation. His message was "be kind to animals because they are kind to us."

Thanks Andy! Your visit is a good example of how Haile High welcomes anyone with knowledge that our students would never receive elsewhere.


Be it locks or beard, Kali's hair is continually being redesigned by the Elves of Plait.

Todd Graduates!

     Haile High’s talented geek, Todd McFarlin, graduated from Acton Boxborough Regional High School on June 3 rd. 375 students participated in the evening ceremony. Todd will attend Newbury College in the fall studying… what else? - computers! The program title is Computer Hardware Science. By the way, the difference between a nerd and a geek is that the geek gets it done. And Todd certainly does. Congratulations, Todd.

Todd amongst the 375. Can you find him?

The graduate with his brother, Andrew, and his parents, Jim and Pat McFarlin.

Todd with some classmates.

Ras Putah Wins Award

      Todd “Ras Puter” McFarlin, Haile High’s computer expert, won Acton Boxborough Regional High School Principal’s Recognition Award this week. It is in recognition of his community service last spring when he created a network for the computers at Haile High and taught our students how to use it. Ras Puter is one of four honored in his class of over 400 students. Congratulations, Todd!

Todd and Sam standing before Simba the BMW Todd and Sam standing before Simba, which was the 1980’s limo of Joe Higgs and other Reggae greats in Los Angeles.
Ras Putah Receives Honor From Haile High

      In recognition of his service to Haile High, Ras Putah was awarded the coveted “BTCOTBB” (Beyond The Call Of The Bulletin Board) in a ceremony held August 5, 2004. Cited for merit in “his battle against the odds of crass commercialism Ras Putah showed his patience and true determination to reach and pluck the heartstrings of Leo LaPorte and all of the conscious souls throughout the Dominion of Canada. For this heroism without prompting Ras Putah, AstroGeek, is awarded the Haile High medal of BTCOTBB.”


Haile High medal of BTCOTBB

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