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Sports Illustrated has nothing on Haile High

While Kali was posing the beauties, Todd caught a candid moment.
The Haile High Mermaids practice their water ballet.
Before Haile High, none of these girls could swim. Now, with Sam as instructor, they are eagerly learning the rudiments of water ballet.
Cleo & Monique ham-it-up for Kali's camera during a fashion shoot at the Cottontree.

Haile High travels to Cousin Cove

Vern & Dervel at Cousin Cove

Haile High at Cousins Cove

Recently Kali traveled to Cousin Cove on the road to Negril. He found a geological formation of coral and lava on the edge of the Cove. He also found Dervel.

Dervel is about 30 years old. He is deaf and mute and has never learned to read, write or use sign language. He can only communicate through acting out his thoughts. Abandoned at an early age, Dervel has been cared for by Rudi Perry and his family.

Kali quickly realized that Dervel was exceptionally bright and that the Perry family was exceptionally caring. He suggested opening a satellite campus of Haile High. It’s first purpose was to teach everyone sign language so they can begin using it to communicate.

On Monday, April 18th, Kali and Queen Sam carried a wall chart and letter sized copies of the sign alphabet and a blackboard, chalk and eraser. These are the start of Haile High, Cousin Cove.

Rudi’s 11 year old daughter, Tasheika, immediately accepted the job of teacher. Another girl, Kimone, has all the qualifications to be a great Drill Instructor. Together with Tasheika’s two brothers and her mother, Vern, as Administrator, they will teach Dervel as they learn themselves.

Kali Heads North

Kali’s going away cake. The cake committee slipped from the beach to town to have a cake glazed with a message and a likeness of Kali ’pon it. Some thought the likeness looked more like the Virgin Mary, but Kali said it didn’t improve the taste of the cake much.

Kali cuts his cake…and eats it too.

Kali posing with the Class of ’05

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