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Left to Right: Opal Kentish, Administrator / Monique Brown, Librarian / Aneika Smith, Dir. of Performing Arts / Roxanne Gardiner, Dir. of Sustenance / Shantall MeKenzie / and Cleo Reid, Dir. Of Curriculum.  In the foreground is the ever prominent youngest member of our staff, Veneika Smith (who hasn'r yet been titled because she does everything…at once). The pilot program of peer instruction is in its 5th year in Montego Bay. The girls shown here are the backbone to the successful program. Praise Jah!

Haile High's Director of Loose Ends To The Rescue

As seen here, Cleo is often under tables fixing connections. Last Summer the caretakers of our Cottontree quarters fed the neighbors' mice by not cleaning the kitchen after use. The resulting mouse circus, not satisfied with the fare, delighted itself by chewing up various sections of our CAT 5 Network. It has taken most of the winter months to straighten out the resulting mess. Happy to say, Haile High's network is up and running again.

Cleo with Anika illuminated by the new paint at Haile High.
Good friends Shaudel and Kamala drop by for a Kali portrait and to have a chat with Cleo about final exams and next month's graduation from Mt Alvernia High School. The week of June 15th will also see the Graduation Ball, the 2006 Commencement of Haile High…and Cleo's 17th Birthday. We have decided to DECLARE it CLEO WEEK, in honor of Haile High’s first student to graduate (with honors) from one of Jamaica’s finest schools. Queen Sam is flying in for the event and a renowned musical group will perform at the Cottontree for the party at Haile High. More News later…

Haile High Launches Adult Computer Education Program

Veronica… Haile High’s first student in a new program designed to teach working mothers the necessity of a computer education. She is learning more than how to run a computer; she is learning how to be a teacher.

That is the purpose of the school…to spread the knowledge to others…especially to the handicapped, when our cadre is properly trained.  Haile High is an all Jamaican school.  Outside the ongoing free youth curriculum, these adult teaching programs will raise much needed income for the school's operation, and give our student teachers a chance to learn their extra skills. No funds leave the Island.  This gig is for the Pickney, dem.

Unique Monique explains the details of running the school library to Britney, who is being trained as her assistant.   The school has a small but gathering library of technical subjects relating to computing and its many programs.

Most of the materials can be borrowed for a short period of time for home study, after filling out the proper form as administered by Monique & Company.


Cleo makes it to the Top!

Haile High's Director of Curriculum, Crystal Reid, graduates from Mt. Alvernia High School with a CXC average of 96… and ain't we proud of her!

Not only did our gel Cleo make it to the top at Mt. Alvernia High, she went right out and got a job… and why? Because she had to buy some new books… and why does she need new books? BECAUSE SHE IS ENROLLED AT MONTEGO BAY COLLEGE!… and guess what? On day 1 she was elected to Student Council for her class. Now if that isn't a revelation about an orphaned Jamaician kid from a poor neighborhood… then you're reading the wrong book. We won't say that Haile High had anything to do with her accomplishments… but she does. Bravado is not one of her best subjects. We are pleased, however, just to know our Cleo!

Cleo and Tamesha (left) groove on the blessings offered by Roxie, Vanika, Monique and Aneika. Aneika peers aloft – as is her custom when feeling irie. Danny Hill looks on awed by their ability to sing and sign the words together. happy birthday
danny DANNY HILL – a living legend renders a bawdy ballad for the girls while Frowzy bends a furry ear to the good sounds.
Roxanne runs the DVCam and monitors the audio as she tapes Danny as part of her Haile High video training. Kali stands by trying to look like a teacher! kaliandroxie

To date Auntie Opel, Cleo's sisters and Queen Sam and Kali are pitching in what they can to help pay for some of her tuition. But it is far from what she needs.


Open your hearts and pocketbooks and help get this kid through college. Any amount will do. Donate through PayPal or send your check or money order to: Lynn Abbott, 153 Summer Street Acton, MA 01720 USA or in Jamaica: Call Opel Kentish at: 876-953-1436 / 899-3771. And check back here where we will report on her continuing accomplishments, and of the work that her students are doing here at Haile High… as we go on showing the world that Love and Caring can overcome any block that poverty and handicap may impose on kids born without means.

Cleo and Sign

New Arts & Crafts Center!

Cleo displays the sign she fashioned for Kim’s Craft Center, a new room added to Haile High where photography, painting, sewing and other crafts will be taught. All of the girls are eagerly participating in K.I.M. (Kids In Motion) … the scholarship program named in memory of Kali's daughter). With the help of our friends abroad Haile High intends to show the world what a little money and a lot of Love can do to make underprivileged kids rise to higher levels of achievement.

Roxanne and Vaneika painting the sign Roxy and Veneika use the fabric paint in the Craft Center to refresh a flag Kim made years ago. These kids can turn their hands to crafts with great results. And they obvciously enjoy it.
Aneika finds the hammock that Kali just installed in the Crafts Center a bit less than comfortable. One of the fastenings broke, sending her to the table beneath. Like most kids in Jamaica, circumstance never gets in the way of rest.
Aneika in the Hammock
Kim & Sam beading
In an earlier incarnation of a Craft Center, Kim and Queen Sam share a quiet moment over their beading projects.
Kim had just learned to print her name when she presented this drawing to her dad. Note the perspective on the horse – very unusual in a drawing by a child of her age.

Kim's drawing of a horse

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