Clearing fear is part of Queen Sam’s Applied Resonance Therapy work.  Below are the steps she uses to clear fear in Patwah:

  1. Enta inna de Silence an focus pon one fear. Find weh I deh inna yuh body.
  2. Mek one energy lack pon yuh han rite beside you elboh an say or tink bout time before yuh feel de fear.
  3. Mek one nedda energy lack pon yuh han rite beside yuh wris an she or tink bout de time afta yuh feel de fear.
  4. Mek one energy flow by a squeeze de two energy lack place dem pon yuh han an tink bout de fuss time yuh feel de fear.
  5. Meanwhile yuh a squeeze de lack dem find de fear inna yuh body agan an built it up cum out.
  6. Afta dat rub yuh han fi mek de lack dem go weh.

To learn more about Applied Resonance Therapy, click here to go to gwenio.com.

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