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Kids In Motion is a special scolarship fund for Haile High graduates to attend college. Named in memory of Kali's daughter, Kim, Cleo is our first recipant. She is studying business at Montego Bay Community College.

Any donation, however small, will help buy a book or a cab ride to school.  Contributions can be made by checks mailed to Lynn Abbott at 153 Summer Street, Acton, Massachusetts 01720 or through the Paypal system using the button below.

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- E-mailing students and engaging them in correspondance.

     The world outside Jamaica is a fairyland of MTV and Cable promises that are never obtainable. By being a pen pal you can open up a genuine world that gives the key to learning about the true things of other cultures.

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- You can donate equipment or carry some equipment to Montego Bay when you visit.

Call us. We’ll tell you what we need and where to send it or we can get items (books, laptops and other learning tools) to you before you leave.

E-Mail Us      - Come on down for a few days.

When you get tired of the same old tourist hype, roll up your sleeves and teach these kids some of the computer tricks you know.

- And if your conscience is still fired but you can’t get out of your Barcalounger, reach for your credit card and send money. We’ll spend it so every cent hits the bullseye.
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