As reported earlier in Haile High Times, Kimone was seriously injured in an auto wreck on her way home from school. Subsequent to this disaster, Kim’s family was stripped of all its assets in order to pay her medical bills. Hampered by head injuries and a leg that doesn’t function properly she gave up sports and her health declined even further. Kim was no longer the bright and happy girl depicted in the web pages of HaileHigh.com.

      The cab Kim was riding in was being run illegally. Its driver was killed instantly and several other passengers were injured in the 3 car wreck; yet no one is found responsible but the dead man. This injustice is common in Jamaica where the poor rarely receive their due in such incidents. Consequently Kimone was unable to finish her term at the Muschette School in Falmouth where she was once a good student in the top seven of her class. Kim was cast to the streets to survive.

      Queen Sam mentioned Kimones’ predicament to friends in America and they promptly put up the money for her to take remedial classes that she may reenter high school in September. Further money was pledged from other good souls for her transportation and lunches. Overnight her uniforms were sewn, her books were purchased, and she was ready for her new start…at the YWCA School in Montego Bay.

      This didn’t mean that Kim entered Paradise. The first day of her new school saw a food fight that ended in the stabbing of a fellow student. The next day two other students were knifed while taking their lunch at KFC. Life is very hard in Jamaica. The murder rate is astronomical. Cocaine rules the streets and a “no problem” form of mafia has replaced governmental justice. This rot infests the system from the top down to its poorest citizen, who usually bears the brunt of this cruelty. The innocent pickny is a forgotten pawn in this struggle that grows tenser with every passing day. Somehow, like minnows midst the sharks, they survive…but often damaged in mind and body.

      It is the purpose of Haile High to open these young minds to the advantages offered by computing…a dominion forbidden to the poor in Jamaica. It is a blessed day that caring people from afar can come to the aid of such a worthy and effective cause.

      Queen Sam with Kimone who is wearing her new uniform from YWCA High School. Brother Nesta is in the background playing "Redemption Songs". Thank you dear provider for helping to get this brilliant young women back on the track!
      Kimone's younger sister "Apple" attempts to diagnose a problem with a Spanish Translator in the Electronics Lab.

Kimone in beach attire.



Apple as Hollywood widow-with added glitter.

      Astro-Geek Todd McFarlin, decided to spend his spring break (from Acton-Boxborough Regional High School) by flying to Jamaica...not for a vacation, but to build a CAT5e network for Haile High. As part of his school's community service program, he volunteered to spend his time-off working for the common good. Haile High was the beneficiary when his work linked our computers throughout the school...a great benefit to our teaching program. All the girls at Haile High fell in love with him, and when the Rastas made his acquaintance, they promptly gave him the name of "Ras Putah". He taught, he swam, he attended a Futbol match, and he took hundreds of snapshots with his new 5 megapixel camera. The results of his odysey are shown in the following pictures.

      Nancy Jenkins, an accupuncturist from Boston, flew down with Queen Sam and Todd to help out at Haile High. Sam is the creator of Applied Resonance Therapy, an alternative method of healing that is not only inexpensive, but very effective.
      A view of Dr's Cave Beach. One of Todd's favorite features of his visit to Montego Bay.
      Kerene, Vaneka and Christina practice their Black History Month song and dance. Vaneka holds the "Q" sheet for their song "Rainbow".
      Kimone and Kaylia twist-up the locks of Nancy and Sam as they hold court inna yard at Haile High. The topic under discussion is personal health and diet, a subject of great interest to most Jamaican young women.
      RAS PUTAH explains how he has just installed the network linking Haile High's computers. He had worked long hours getting it ready for Saturday's class and it's advent has become a great asset to teachers and students.

      Because of his good work, all files can be shared as well as instant access to Haile High's peripheral devices, like printers, scanners and all manner of devices that we may employ in the future.
      "Rainbow", words and music by Kaliflowa © 2003.
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