Ivan - All Inclusive Terror


     Ivan hit Jamaica Saturday. Here's whata gwan in our beautiful island as reported from there by the BBC before, during and after the storm.


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     As dawn broke over western Jamaica, residents were able to see what they'd been hearing all night - awesome hurricane force winds pounding the coastline, bending trees and tossing heavy branches through the air. Information is scarce, but it does seem that Ivan has built back up to a catagory five storm as it hit the coast, the strongest type of hurricane possible.


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     For now, we're simply using the first light of day to peek outside at the power of a major hurricane. Massive gusts of wind are still causing even the sturdiest of buildings to shudder and the sea is an angry cauldron of water, pushing up onto the shore and then falling back several feet. Even stepping outside for an instant would mean serious injury or worse.
     Across the island, reports are emerging of obliterated housing. There is no water coming through the taps in houses, the electricity grid has also been shut down. Roofs have been blown away already and there are reports of people in great distress outside. Rescue workers have been trying to reach them, but they're having to cope with blocked roads and winds which are howling and very dangerous at this stage. Trees are bending to breaking point and we can feel our concrete building shudder and groan as it's battered by a storm which seems only to be getting worse.
     Trees are now falling into roadways and rivers in most areas are rising rapidly. This situation is leading more persons to evacuate. Most schools and shops are closed. Those that are open are only serving emergency rations. Those who can have fled the island. This is shaping up to be the most powerful hurricane on record ever to hit Jamaica. It is almost 16 years since Jamaica was last struck by a hurricane. This threatens to be the worst natural disaster for 50 years.

     Jamaica is one of the strongest nations in the world. Its people have weathered much more than the wrath of hurricanes. Their Jah-given gift of rebounding, and finding humor in their plight is without equal…what medicine for the Healing of the Nation! An example of that cure came with the last big hurricane…GILBERT (actually a force 3 as compared to IVAN which hit with plus 4 intensity). After Gilbert the Jamaican Nation put things back together singing a song that is presented here…”Wild Gilbert” by Lovindeer.

     Some laugh, some cry, some wonder why. The weight of the stone must be lightened for we are all made of it. Presently it is not laughing time in Jamdung. We thank you for helping us in this time of grief and need.

     Kali is preparing a rescue mission to save what's left of Haile High and to help the families of our students and teachers. Stay tuned to HaileHigh.com for the latest up dates on the storm and when the Haile High Conquerors will play in the memorial match for their fallen brother, who died in a car wreck.

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